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I remember how I first got into Java. A friend called my attention to these neat little mini applications that could be easily embedded into HTML files. These applets provided a quick way to jazz up even the most mundane Web pages. She showed me some UseNet groups that contained huge libraries of these applets. I soon learned how to go into their code and change (dare I use the word "hack"?) them to fit my needs. Those applets were nobody's property; they were just there for the taking. Some people would come up with clever ways of making them run more efficiently, and would post their findings for all to use. When working with pubic archives, this is all well and good. The problem is many people learned how to hack Java applications that were not public domain. They would download applications, decompile the source and hack it to look like their own. Today's compl... (more)

ROAD: BeanBox by Specialized Software

So there it is - the opportunity of a lifetime. It seems that the local public utilities commission has allocated a hefty budget to a new project. They want to be able to "link" all of their users in the county utilities building to the same database. All they need is a good database administrator to come in and make it happen. This appears to be a pretty cut-and-dried job on the surface, but when you arrive you are horrified to learn that all is not as it seems. Most of the office employees are on a Windows NT network, the engineers upstairs need their UNIX system and, to make m... (more)


The huge task of creating that great Java application is finally over. Although the product is "user friendly" when up and running, installation has typically been very cumbersome and time consuming. A product that is easy for the layman to install will surely outsell one that isn't. You must now go back to work. What's needed is a development tool that not only enables applications to be installed easily for the end-user, but is quick and easy for the developer to use as well. What's needed is InstallAnywhere from Zero G Software, Inc. InstallAnywhere enables the creation of a ... (more)

Product Review: ClearQuest

All in all, it's been a pretty good year. The hundreds of clients you've developed applications for are all happy. The software development division has grown by leaps and bounds. Then, just when it looks like you've reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, trouble comes calling. It's been brought to your attention that some clients aren't getting the upgraded versions of their orders. Some complain that they're receiving versions that seemed to be fine-tuned for someone else. Still more disturbing is the fact that the documentation enclosed with the software isn't alwa... (more)

Visual Quantify by Rational Software

You've just finished up that Java program you've been working on for a while. You sit back in your chair and feel proud of yourself. It's now time to show your finished work to the boss. Half an hour later he calls you into the office. "What's this?" he asks as he holds up one of the floppies that you proudly gave him just a little while ago. You try to hide the confusion and fear in your voice as you answer. "It's the application I've been working on. It's finished, and I just wanted you to have a look at it." He gestures you to his side of the desk. You watch him open the appli... (more)